Saturday, October 22, 2011

Golden Wave

This combination of cone 10 glazes creates a pattern which enhances the 10 " plate. NFS

Tikki Mug

This tikki mug has Pete's Cranberry on the inside and Teadust cone 10 glaze on the outside. It stands about 10" high. NFS

Serving Plate with Seahorse Design

This 11" plate has a warm yellow opaque cone 10 glaze. It is carved with two raised relief seahorses on the base. $55

Vixin On Teacup

This is one of my favorite pieces thrown this year. It has a blue brown glaze over a nicely designed female figure. The rim is altered. NFS

Jar with Female Lid

This 6" high jar is covered with a warm violet glaze. It is fired to cone ten and has a curved shape towards the top. It is priced at $85.SOLD

Female Bath

This is a sculpture I finished this fall. It is made with Bmix cone 10 clay. It is about 8" long and 5 inches high. I used a celedon glaze and white on the inside. $125