Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chicken Tank Teapot

This fantasy teapot is glazed to look like a desert tank. NFS

Black And White Wave Teapot

This is 10 inch teapot also has a thrown foot added to give it added height. The wave is a cool blue with white foam. $55

Crystal Blue Palm Tree Teapot

This is a decorative teapot with a 3 inch foot attached up to the base of the handle. There is a carving on each side of palm trees. It is priced at $85.SOLD

Tikki Totem Raku

This is a two piece totem with a white crackle glaze all over. There is a head on both sides; one on top, the other on the bottom. This is priced at $50.

Tropical Print Lantern

This piece has transfers from linocut carvings I have made. The iron oxide is over the red clay and is of hula dancers on one side. The other side has a female with fruit basket. It has a yellow glaze all over and tropical cut outs on the negative areas. NFS

Tikki Tottem

This lantern was made from two thrown pieces and has a head on each side. It has two glazes all over and the colors blend very nicely. $65

Small Tikki Lantern

This tikki lantern has a deep red brown glaze and is 7 inches tall. $40

Tikki Lantern

This lantern has a dark redish brown glaze all over. It stands 10" tall. $50

Penguin jar

This three leged jar has a transparent glaze with cobalt accents. The penguin is standing in front of a fish. There are to birth marks, one on the edge in front, and another where the penguins heart is. I am happy with these accidental glazing blemishes. $85

Red Accented Violet Cup

This large cup has a crystal blue glaze all over and a deep red down the handle side to the base.
It is a dramatic flow a glazing and design. $85 SOLD

Female Seated Yellow Cup

This cup has a crystal blue rim over a winaker yellow glaze. The female figure flows nicely into the handle. NFS

violet cup with female

This large cup is beautifully glazed with a red interior and flowing purple colored exterior. $85

Celedon cup with figure

This is a large cup with a seated female on the handle. It has a simple design and peaceful feeling . $50

celedon wave with thumbrest

This large cup has petes red interior and oshi celedon exterior. the thumbrest is a womans head facing inwards. SOLD