Friday, May 6, 2011

Tenmoku Wave Teapot

Wooden Handle with a light yellow glazed teapot. A wax resist wave shape on each side. $65

Seated Girl in a Cup

This is a 6" tall cup with accents of white with celadon all over. $85

Small Cup With Handle

White slip creates a wave design over a dark clay. Celadon Glaze crackled beautifully. $25

Small Wave Jar

The wave was created with white slip on a dark clay. The glaze crackled is a celadon. $35

Large Jar With Seated Lady

This jar is 10" wide, white slip on a dark clay body. The clear glaze is accented by a cobalt touch on the lady's hair. $125

Girl in Small Bowl

This is a 6" bowl with a girl seated on the edge. It has a celadon glaze with white accents. $125

Mermaid On Rock

This is a celadon glazed mermaid which is 8" tall. $200

Tropical Teapot

This medium size teapot has faint tropical images on each side with a shino glaze. The handle is a branch with shiny coating. The image on this side is a girl with flowers. The top image is a boy with a surfboard.

Girl in Bowl

This is a small bowl with a seated girl on the edge. It is about 7" tall. This design has sold for $125.

Small Tropical Girl Plate

This small plate has a transfer of a girl in a coconut tree. The image is on a white slip in the center of a slight depression. The Shino glaze is warm. $85

Small Lady Jar

This small jar has a shino glaze and dark slip undercoating. The lady is seated on a small blanket.
$85 SOLD

Black and Tenmoku Wave Plate

This plate uses wax resist to keep the orange wave design separate from the dark background. $38 SOLD

12" Wave Plate

Here is a 12"wave designed high fire plate. It is a celadon glaze with cobalt and red wave. SOLD

Lady Bowl

This is a small altered bowl with a lady leaning on the side. It is 8" high.. $125

Gallery setup

I am adding this page to help viewers see the sizes comparisons of the work.

Wave Teapot

Here's a 8" teapot with a shiny wooden handle. The wave design on both sides is carved and has a tenmoku glaze. SOLD