Saturday, October 22, 2011

Golden Wave

This combination of cone 10 glazes creates a pattern which enhances the 10 " plate. NFS

Tikki Mug

This tikki mug has Pete's Cranberry on the inside and Teadust cone 10 glaze on the outside. It stands about 10" high. NFS

Serving Plate with Seahorse Design

This 11" plate has a warm yellow opaque cone 10 glaze. It is carved with two raised relief seahorses on the base. $55

Vixin On Teacup

This is one of my favorite pieces thrown this year. It has a blue brown glaze over a nicely designed female figure. The rim is altered. NFS

Jar with Female Lid

This 6" high jar is covered with a warm violet glaze. It is fired to cone ten and has a curved shape towards the top. It is priced at $85.SOLD

Female Bath

This is a sculpture I finished this fall. It is made with Bmix cone 10 clay. It is about 8" long and 5 inches high. I used a celedon glaze and white on the inside. $125

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chicken Tank Teapot

This fantasy teapot is glazed to look like a desert tank. NFS

Black And White Wave Teapot

This is 10 inch teapot also has a thrown foot added to give it added height. The wave is a cool blue with white foam. $55

Crystal Blue Palm Tree Teapot

This is a decorative teapot with a 3 inch foot attached up to the base of the handle. There is a carving on each side of palm trees. It is priced at $85.SOLD

Tikki Totem Raku

This is a two piece totem with a white crackle glaze all over. There is a head on both sides; one on top, the other on the bottom. This is priced at $50.

Tropical Print Lantern

This piece has transfers from linocut carvings I have made. The iron oxide is over the red clay and is of hula dancers on one side. The other side has a female with fruit basket. It has a yellow glaze all over and tropical cut outs on the negative areas. NFS

Tikki Tottem

This lantern was made from two thrown pieces and has a head on each side. It has two glazes all over and the colors blend very nicely. $65

Small Tikki Lantern

This tikki lantern has a deep red brown glaze and is 7 inches tall. $40

Tikki Lantern

This lantern has a dark redish brown glaze all over. It stands 10" tall. $50

Penguin jar

This three leged jar has a transparent glaze with cobalt accents. The penguin is standing in front of a fish. There are to birth marks, one on the edge in front, and another where the penguins heart is. I am happy with these accidental glazing blemishes. $85

Red Accented Violet Cup

This large cup has a crystal blue glaze all over and a deep red down the handle side to the base.
It is a dramatic flow a glazing and design. $85 SOLD

Female Seated Yellow Cup

This cup has a crystal blue rim over a winaker yellow glaze. The female figure flows nicely into the handle. NFS

violet cup with female

This large cup is beautifully glazed with a red interior and flowing purple colored exterior. $85

Celedon cup with figure

This is a large cup with a seated female on the handle. It has a simple design and peaceful feeling . $50

celedon wave with thumbrest

This large cup has petes red interior and oshi celedon exterior. the thumbrest is a womans head facing inwards. SOLD

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tenmoku Wave Teapot

Wooden Handle with a light yellow glazed teapot. A wax resist wave shape on each side. $65

Seated Girl in a Cup

This is a 6" tall cup with accents of white with celadon all over. $85

Small Cup With Handle

White slip creates a wave design over a dark clay. Celadon Glaze crackled beautifully. $25

Small Wave Jar

The wave was created with white slip on a dark clay. The glaze crackled is a celadon. $35

Large Jar With Seated Lady

This jar is 10" wide, white slip on a dark clay body. The clear glaze is accented by a cobalt touch on the lady's hair. $125

Girl in Small Bowl

This is a 6" bowl with a girl seated on the edge. It has a celadon glaze with white accents. $125

Mermaid On Rock

This is a celadon glazed mermaid which is 8" tall. $200

Tropical Teapot

This medium size teapot has faint tropical images on each side with a shino glaze. The handle is a branch with shiny coating. The image on this side is a girl with flowers. The top image is a boy with a surfboard.

Girl in Bowl

This is a small bowl with a seated girl on the edge. It is about 7" tall. This design has sold for $125.

Small Tropical Girl Plate

This small plate has a transfer of a girl in a coconut tree. The image is on a white slip in the center of a slight depression. The Shino glaze is warm. $85